Automatic Drupal core updates on per website basis on Drupion

Just four days ago Drupion switched the Automatic Drupal Core Update feature from only security updates to taking care of all core updates, including regular maintenance releases. It was then announced that all Drupal websites on Drupion platform are covered by such Automatic Drupal Core Updates.

The same day later we updated the announcement with the following addition:

Automatic background updates for Drupal core on Drupion servers

While Drupal community is still deciding on implementing automatic background updates ( and similar to WordPress' Automatic Background Updates feature, Drupion customers have already been enjoying automatic Drupal core security updates for already several years.

Amazon Pay now available for Drupal Commerce

Make Amazon customers your customers   

The Amazon Pay plugin for Drupal is now available; that means you are only minutes away from setting up the Amazon Pay plugin on your Website.

By enabling Amazon Pay, you let millions of Amazon buyers pay on your website using the information that’s already safely stored in their Amazon accounts. It’s a fast, trusted checkout process that is familiar to millions of Amazon customers around the world.

How does it work?

Drupion switches to multi-byte UTF-8 supported MariaDB database

Since Drupal 7.50 introduced multi-byte UTF-8 support for MySQL and other database drivers, allowing for emojis, Asian symbols, mathematical symbols, etc., it has been possible to get such symbols to be properly stored by and displayed on Drupal 7 sites.

However, the 4 byte UTF-8 support on most Drupal 7 websites remain still disabled because of mainly two reasons:

Expanded support for WordPress and launch of the overhauled mobile-friendly web-site

Today, on June 18, we have launched our new mobile-friendly website and are proudly expanding our support for WordPress-based websites.

For many years number of Drupion clients with their main websites built on Drupal have been hosting their WordPress websites alongside, for example, to run their company blogs. So Drupion has de-facto been supporting WordPress without formally including it as part of its services for a long while.

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