Timezone Detect - Moderately Critical - Cross Site Request Forgery

* Advisory ID: DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2017-020
* Project: Timezone Detect (third-party module)
* Version: 7.x
* Date: 2017-February-22
* Security risk: 13/25 ( Moderately Critical)
* Vulnerability: Cross Site Request Forgery


This module enables sites to automatically detect and set user timezones via

The module does not sufficiently protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery
(CSRF): an attacker could use this vulnerability to manipulate a user's
timezone setting. The security implication of this issue depends on the site.
It can range from minor annoyance to some level of a bigger bug on a site
that relies on the timezone for some more important purpose.


* Timezone Detect 7.x-1.x versions prior to 7.x-1.2.

Drupal core is not affected. If you do not use the contributed Timezone
Detect module, there is nothing you need to do.


Install the latest version:

* If you use the Timezone Detect module for Drupal 7.x, upgrade to Timezone
Detect 7.x-1.2

Also see the Timezone Detect project page.

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