Is your Drupal site really slow? Switch to Drupion!

Drupal is known to have a very powerful hook system, that makes a developer's life easier by simply following a specific naming convention and implementing a specific hook to get the code auto-discovered and called in the appropriate spot. However, this power of Drupal comes at a cost — every single enabled module has to be loaded on every single request to see if it implements a necessary hook, which means Drupal is very DB intensive.

That is the main reason why many users complain about slow speed of their Drupal sites. If you decide to host your Drupal site on a regular hosting platform with insufficient RAM available, not tuned and not optimized specifically for Drupal, then most probably you will eventually end up facing performance problems. In addition to powerful hardware infrastructure in order to increase the performance of Drupal you either have to be very experienced LAMP stack and Drupal expert or hire one.

To avoid this kind of frustration about poor performance of your Drupal site, make sure to give a try to Drupion. By hosting your website for just one month on Drupion with 30-days unconditional money-back guarantee you are not risking anything. On the other hand we assure you will see a significant performance boost of your website compared to when it was hosted on any other host. Because Drupion is all about Drupal caching, Drupal speed and Drupal performance.

You may read further details about how we make Drupal sites blazingly fast on About section of our website. Please also make sure to follow us on Twitter to get periodical occasional discount coupons.

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